Birdwatching in Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon, a premier birdwatching location in any season, combines superb natural beauty with a wide variety of habitats. There have been 140 species recorded in the bird counts over the years, and it is possible to see up to 60 species in a two hour trip. Our habitats range from forested areas full of kinglets, nuthatches, hummingbirds and goldfinches to wetlands full of kingfishers, all kinds of ducks and geese and swans and shorebirds, to urban areas with songbirds. After a day of birding, Portland offers many opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. Sample Pacific Northwest cuisine in one of our many fine restaurants, check out a local brewpub or wine bar, or explore lively, pedestrian-friendly shopping districts such as the Pearl and Northwest 23rd Ave.

Our Tours

PBE tours are completely customized based on the season and your interests. Options include minimal walking tours all the way to fairly vigorous terrain over distances. We offer expert guiding, extensive local knowledge of rare and common birds and warm Portland hospitality. Read the FAQ for more information or fill out the Contact form if you are interested in scheduling a tour or have questions. If you are in town and want to check availability of tours in the next few days, call me at 503-645-4149.